In our daily life we have seen many famous people. But we hardly know how they have gain this or we hardly wants to be like them . Because we think it’s not so easy or we think  I can not become like them . But indeed we can become famous or successful if we wish to and do hard work. [click to continue…]


How To Lead a Stress Free Life?


The life is very beautiful when it has no tension on it when it has full of enjoyment with successful events. But do you think it is very easy to have a stress free  life ? No . Of course not, To achieve this kind of moment of life a person has to full fill some condition not only that but also has to control of want thinking of the mind which always demand unlimited. [click to continue…]


Do you have a beautiful mind ?

by faridul islam on 2:59 pm in Credit card

Do you have a beautiful mind? I suppose you have. If don’t have no problem i will make your mind beautiful now. Life is very short and in this short life if we want to make us happy, we need to improve our mind concept first. A human being mind is unsteady.

How to survive yourself in a jobless situation?

by faridul islam on 12:55 am in Business

 Jobless is not a good situation to anyone. It’s considered a deplorable time for the person who have fallen in such problem. If a person unfortunately have fallen in jobless situation then how to survive from this kind of worst situation and get back in normal life style ?

How To Get A Girl Friend In Quick ?

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Don’t be shy. Its now open secret that you need some one to be your girl friend. Don’t be so unromantic too.  Yes to my all sensitive boy friends who are lonely, feeling pretty sad for not having any girl friend, it’s now time to find out what is the best reason behind it .

Best places in Singapore to exchange money with Best rates

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Best places in Singapore to exchange money with Best rates I have been living in Singapore for the last of six years . In this six years the most common question from foreigners I have been asked for was where to exchange cash with best exchange rates in Singapore? 

Benefits of PayPal of Bangladesh perspective

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Benefits of Pay Pal of Bangladesh perspective It’s been more than 190 countries Pay Pal serves  its online banking with just only using electronics mail from the users. The benefits of using Pay Pal are many. If you can see the countries where Pay Pal are using ,  you can definitely know that these are […]

How To Have A Beautiful Life?

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 The new year 2013 is knocking our door. At this moment we are looking for another great happy new year. You may planing to spend this coming new year with prosperously and beautifully. Every human being wants to set up a beautiful life. But only very few person have the luck to set up nice […]

Top Ten Tips to Get rid of Debts

by faridul islam on 4:24 am in Debt Problem

Top Ten Tips to Get rid of Debts When we hear the word debt, our muscles tense in a dark place deep within us. Most people at one point or another faces these situations. There are numerous ways which you can try to rid yourself of debt and other financial hardships. Strong determination and a […]

5 ways to Bring out Genius in Your Child

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Even though this is a real – life personal finance blog but we also cover the article of our daily life style and social activities. Today we are going to talk about child intelligence which is playing very important role in family life’s and personal mind development. To enhance brain develop in child stage we […]