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Hide WordPress Plugin- WordPress Plugin tricks

Hide WordPress Plugin: Hi there, today I am going to share a tricks. Now a days people are using WordPress for its simplicity. Manage of WordPress is really easy and Plugins have made the WordPress more interactive.

There is lots plugin you will find in wordpress.org for your website, you can use any kind of WordPress plugin by free of cost, some are premium though but most of the plugin are free. Well, I will not takling about plugin today. I am going to share a tricks how can you  hide WordPress Plugin from WordPress dashboard.

Many developer wants to hide installed plugin from WordPress dashboard. Its really easy. You have to write a simple code in your theme, function.php file.

So no more talk, here is the tricks-

Hide WordPress Plugin:

  1. Log in your cpanel.
  2. Find your theme which is activated for your WordPress site.
  3. Find the function.php file and open it in the browser.
  4. Now add the following code exactly-

5. Your job has been done!

Now check the plugin list from WordPress dashboard. You will see that there is not visible any kind of plugin. Dont be panicked that, you may think your installed plugin wont work but this script just hide your plugin name list. Your all installed and activated plugin will work properly.

Hope this article has helped you all. Feel free to comment below. Please share this awesome tips with others.

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